What’s Your Score?

The FMS was developed by Grey Cook PT to be a very specific movement screen with a possibility of scoring 21 points. Like the eye chart, it is very difficult to achieve all 21 points. The screen assesses mobility issues and motor control issues as well as quickly identifies asymmetries. Specific exercises are given for remediation in mobility and motor control.

  • Identifies Asymmetries

  • Identifies Mobility Issues

  • Identifies Motor Control Issues

  • Provides a Reproducible Score from 0/21

Your Movement Matters

If you are an athlete and desire a score that is measurable and reproducible between practitioners, the FMS is for you. Get assessed today.


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    LORI HIATT OTR/L, CHTCertified Hand Therapist


    Lori, as an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience, has always been interested in helping people function to the best of their ability. She resided in Mooresville, NC for most of her career, working in Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Hand Therapy and Lymphedema Therapy. She also practices the Neurological Integration System or NIS which is complementary to traditional therapy or as a stand-alone therapy service. Lori moved to Boone, NC in 2016 and opened her own practice specializing in Hand Therapy, Graston Technique, NIS, Functional Movement Screens and Selective Functional Movement Assessments.